Winston Troy


Winston Troy was a solo project from 2009-2011. I recorded the EP, "Wild Bones" (2010), self-booked a tour along the east coast / midwest and played shows around Brooklyn during that time. It was me + guitar + amp + looping pedals. The name was my great-great aunt's name and she was a loving person to many in our family. It sounded timeless and ageless. These recordings were tracked and mixed by Jerry Teel in my practice space and mastered by Jessica Thompson.

In February of 2011, I gave birth to my first son, and gave birth to my second son in 2013. I decided to retire this project to figure out how to be a mom and am extremely happy to have done it. All social media for it is preserved as-is and I don't really plan on updating it. I look forward to starting a new band soon! 

Here is a great interview of my husband Pat, by Kiam Records’ Amy Bezunartea about tubes, the repair business, parenting, and mentions a small tour I did opening for Amy, while 6 months pregnant with my first son, back in 2010. Her voice is so beautiful, that it would wake him from sleep in my belly and he would start to tumble.


Heavy Creatures

Heavy Creatures existed from 2004-2008. We made two LPs, Loaded Sky (2006) and The Cymbal and the Skull (2008). We toured a bit and played a ton of shows around New York City during that time. I started playing guitar at age 28 shortly after moving to New York City in 2001 and this was my first being-in-a-band experience. I took lessons from Steve Ulrich of Big Lazy. Heavy Creatures began in 2004 with me, my husband Patrick and our friend Sarah. We had a huge practice space about the size of a small parking garage in a basement in Dumbo. We met Chris in 2005 and we were totally complete. I absolutely loved being in a band, playing guitar, writing songs, playing live, planning recording sessions, tracking and making records. I was insanely driven. Any Googling of us will reveal a few hidden nuggets, but any other social media is preserved as-is and hasn't been edited since 2008.